By: pcwzrd13 | October 24, 2016

BlueCrab has just announced a new event for the Sylverant PSO server! Here are the details:

Event Information:
Start Time: October 24, 2016 @ 00:00 UTC (@41)
End Time: November 7, 2016 @ 00:00 UTC (@41)

Hunters! Are you ready for Halloween? The monsters of Ragol certainly are. Crash their party and help make the streets a safer place for children of all ages.
This Event is only open to PSOv1 and PSOv2 users (on Dreamcast or PC).

No prizes are being given for this event. This one is completely for the fun of it.

(Not So) Fine Print:

  • This event, like previous events, requires you to have enabled /trackkills on your account while logged in (with /login or /tlogin). It is only open to those with a registered account on t...

By: pcwzrd13 | October 21, 2016

Video of the 4x4 Evolution Game Night on October 19th, 2016.

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By: pcwzrd13 | October 17, 2016

When talking about the best first-person shooters on the Dreamcast, one that's guaranteed to come up is Unreal Tournament. While more well-known for the PC version, the Dreamcast port was very well received, scoring a 9.4/10 from both GameSpot and IGN, with IGN even giving it the Editor's Choice award. The company responsible for porting the game to the Dreamcast was small studio named Secret Level which was founded in 1999 by Jeremy Gordon, Otavio Good, and Josh Adams. I've been fortunate enough to score an interview with co-founder and lead developer, Josh Adams, and pick his brain a bit about the game he worked on over a decade ago.

By: pcwzrd13 | October 16, 2016

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By: pcwzrd13 | September 13, 2016

In this video I walk you through configuring a USB Wi-Fi dongle for use with DreamPi. In order to do this, you'll need a USB keyboard, HDMI cable, and a USB Wi-Fi dongle. The USB Wi-Fi adapter must be natively Linux compatible or you'll have to install drivers. There are many Wi-Fi adapters that will work but I recommend using either the CanaKit Wi-Fi dongle or the official Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi dongle.

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By: pcwzrd13 | September 09, 2016

You may recall a post from earlier this year announcing that Toy Racer was now able to be played online via dial-up thanks to Luke Benstead and Jonas Karlsson who successfully reverse engineered the Dreamarena authentication software. Now in addition to Toy Racer, support for the PAL version of Quake III Arena has been added! This means players in Europe no longer have to purchase or burn a copy of the North American version to play online! While the PAL release still lacks support for the broadband adapter, it's still great to have the online functionality working once again.

DreamPi users will automatically connect to the correct server but everyone else will need to make sure their DNS server is set to Once connected, choo...

By: pcwzrd13 | September 08, 2016

Video of the Planet Ring Game Night on September 7th, 2016.

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By: pcwzrd13 | September 03, 2016

Jonas Karlsson has released a new and improved server for Planet Ring! If you've ever played Planet Ring on the original private server then you'll know how buggy and unstable it can be. Jonas' version is much more stable and adds some new features that were not yet implemented into the 2013 server such as working leaderboards and 8-player support in Soar. The leaderboards are viewable in-game as well as right here on Dreamcast Live. The server software is still in a beta stage but Jonas' is actively monitoring it in order to spot and fix bugs. In the near future, Jonas also plans on partnering with Luke Benstead to implement software into DreamPi that will fix the in-game voice chat. Between this and the impending alien invasion, you'd be...

By: pcwzrd13 | September 01, 2016

Don't feel like getting up at 3AM in the morning to join Game Night? Well you're in luck because Dreamcast Live is launching a new weekly event for those of you situated 'cross the pond! Game Night UK will be every Sunday at 8:00PM GMT+1 / 3:00PM EDT and just like Wednesday's Game Night, we'll play a different game every week. The game rotation will be offset to assure you don't play the same game twice in one week if you decide to join both Game Nights.

Game Night UK will premier this Sunday with Next Tetris! To see the full game schedule, see here. Hope to see you there and be sure to check out the Dreamcast- Talk forum thread at game time!

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By: pcwzrd13 | August 29, 2016

It's about time I got around to interviewing this guy! Luke Benstead a.k.a "Kazade" has become somewhat of a household name in the Dreamcast online community. He's the inventor of the fabulous DreamPi software which enables gamers to play online Dreamcast games much easier than with older, outdated methods. In addition to DreamPi, he's also created a fantastic website/service called Dreamcast Now which allows DreamPi users to see who's online and what game they're playing. Without a doubt, DreamPi and Dreamcast Now have given a big boost to the number of players taking advantage of the Dreamcast's built-in 56k/33k modem. As of just recently, Dreamcast Now has sneaked past 100 registered users and that number just keeps increasing...