By: pcwzrd13 | February 22, 2018

Have you made a purchase from the Dreamcast Live Shop? If so, were you satisfied with the transaction? Was it the absolute best purchase you've ever made in all the time you've existed so far? Or maybe it was the opposite and you were absolutely outraged with the despicable attitude of your sales representative (sorry, I tried :-P). Whatever the case, you can now leave reviews on the shop page! Any and all reviews are appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Posted on : March 22, 2018

So happy!!!

Allows Paypal, from USA to europe the delivery are very fast!!! Less than 2 weeks.

And you are sure that the seller loves the Dreamcast scene the same or more than you.

Again, so happy with my purchases on Dreamcast Live.

Thank you!!!

10/10 :-)

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