By: pcwzrd13 | May 03, 2017

Shuouma has released the source code for all the servers he's coded to date; this includes the server software for Planet Ring, ChuChu Rocket!, PBA Tour Bowling 2001, Starlancer, The Next Tetris, and Maximum Pool (master server). This software has been released as open source under the MIT license and can be freely used, copied, modified, or distributed. This is a huge step in making sure all the games revived so far will be online for as long as the internet still exists. Long live Dreamcast!

All the source code can be found on the new Server Software page in addition to any other Dreamcast server software and/or source code that has been released to date.

By: pcwzrd13 | September 09, 2016

You may recall a post from earlier this year announcing that Toy Racer was now able to be played online via dial-up thanks to Luke Benstead and Jonas Karlsson who successfully reverse engineered the Dreamarena authentication software. Now in addition to Toy Racer, support for the PAL version of Quake III Arena has been added! This means players in Europe no longer have to purchase or burn a copy of the North American version to play online! While the PAL release still lacks support for the broadband adapter, it's still great to have the online functionality working once again.

DreamPi users will automatically connect to the correct server but everyone else will need to make sure their DNS server is set to Once connected, choo...

By: pcwzrd13 | April 07, 2016


Toy Racer is no longer exclusive to owners of the pricey broadband adapter! Luke a.k.a. "Kazade" has completed his Dreamarena authentication server (at least enough so anyone can connect). This means you can now play Toy Racer online regardless of your connection method. Currently user registration doesn't work and there still may be bugs to fix, but it's working. A big thanks to Luke Benstead and Jonas Karlsson for making this happen!

If you wish to connect via dial-up, simply use as your DNS server (this is the default DNS for DreamPi); you can set this in the Dreamcast web browser or in your Netopia/PC-DC server settings. Once connected, select any username from the list and enter anything for the password.

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By: pcwzrd13 | April 04, 2016

A guy by the name of Jonas Karlsson or shuouma has cracked the Dreamarena authentication required to play Toy Racer via dial-up! This authentication was also used by the PAL version of Quake III Arena. He's working together with Luke Benstead to re-create the authentication server which means Toy Racer and the PAL version of Quake will soon be playable online for dial-up users! There's currently no ETA on when this will be finished but a "proof-of-concept" has already been tested, so it shouldn't be long. If you're interested in the technical information behind all this, you can check out Luke's Dreamcast Development Wiki for all the juicy technical details.

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