By: pcwzrd13 | November 07, 2016

The winner of the first ever Dreamcast Live ChuChu Rocket! puzzle contest has been chosen! The people have spoken and they have chosen Xiden as the puzzle making master! Congratulations sir! You will be forever immortalized in the Hall of Champions and generations to come will aspire to one day create a puzzle as amazing as yours!

By: pcwzrd13 | October 31, 2016

The first ChuChu Rocket! puzzle contest has come to a close and it's time to pick a winner! Choose your favorite puzzle in the poll below. The winner will be declared on Monday, November 7th, 2016 and will be forever immortalized with a plaque in the Hall of Champions! Please be sure to play all three puzzles before voting! Also, no voting for your own puzzle!

By: pcwzrd13 | August 27, 2016

It's been almost three months since ChuChu Rocket! was brought back online and while the online mutliplayer has proved very popular, Puzzle Land has remained barren with the exception of a couple test puzzles. I aim to fix that with the latest Dreamcast Live contest! Show off your puzzle-creating chops by going up against other ChuChu Rocket! players in a battle to build the most creative and ingenious puzzle! The contest will run until September 27th, at which point I will put up a poll where you can vote for your favorite. The puzzle/player with the most votes will win a plaque in the Hall of Champions!

By: pcwzrd13 | April 18, 2016

I've created a new page on Dreamcast Live called the Hall of Champions (located under Leaderboards) which will be populated with plaques that are awarded to winners of future online competitions and contests. The first of these contests will be for Toy Racer, the details of which will likely be posted next weekend. I plan on hosting many more in the future as a way of carrying over a bit of the old Dreamcast Live to the new one.

Rather than creating empty page, I've added a plaque for the winner of the first and only online Quake III Arena competition hosted by the old Dreamcast Live, everynewday84! Gaze in awe and set your sights on becoming the next person to be immortalized in the Hall of Champions!