By: pcwzrd13 | December 04, 2016

Dreamcast Live is now on Patreon! While Dreamcast Live will always remain a free website without any of those nasty advertisements, I wanted to create a Patreon not only to help with maintaining the site but also as a way that you can thank all of the people that have helped grow the Dreamcast online community. I plan to donate a good portion of the proceeds to awesome people such as Impulse and brourke228 of Dreamcast-Talk, Petter3k of DCSERV, Shuouma, and Kazade to help with maintaining servers as well as research and development of new servers.

Supporting Dreamcast Live on Patreon is of course completely voluntary but if you'd like to throw a tip in the "virtual tip jar", every dollar is much appreciated! Your donations will he...

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