Dreamcast Live

Fresh New Website Changes

By pcwzrd13

Welcome to the newly revamped Dreamcast Live website! Before you get all panicky, let me assure you that the layout remains mostly the same as before, just with a bit of extra polish. The biggest change comes in the form of the Troubleshooting, FAQ, and Connection Guide pages which are now a lot nic...

22.08.18 05:25 PM - Comment(s)

New Troubleshooting Page

By pcwzrd13

Having trouble getting your Dreamcast online? Can't connect or getting errors with a certain game? Check out the new Troubleshooting page! This new page covers many of the most common issues people have. The troubleshooting is targeted mostly towards DreamPi users but some of it applies to other co...

23.02.17 12:12 PM - Comment(s)

New Frequently Asked Questions Page

By pcwzrd13

Have questions about getting your Dreamcast online? No problem! Check out the new FAQ page which will answer the most common questions about connecting your Dreamcast to the internet. I'll be updating this page with more questions and answers as I think of them but I think I've covered most of the ...

20.12.16 11:11 AM - Comment(s)

New Feature: Game Info Pages

By pcwzrd13

Dreamcast Live is further becoming the number one resource for online Dreamcast games! Each of the currently online games now has its own dedicated page with the game description, server info, game manuals, screenshots, gameplay, and more! I will be adding more pages as games are brought back online...

03.12.16 01:13 PM - Comment(s)

Dreamcast Live Shop Now Open: Line Voltage Inducers for Sale!

By pcwzrd13

The Dreamcast Live Shop is now open for business! I created this new section of the site mainly to sell line voltage inducers that I've built but more stuff may be added in the future. The line voltage inducer seems to be the main obstacle that turns people off from getting online with DreamPi and ...

27.05.16 08:10 PM - Comment(s)

Introducing the Hall of Champions!

By pcwzrd13

I've created a new page on Dreamcast Live called the Hall of Champions (located under Leaderboards) which will be populated with plaques that are awarded to winners of future online competitions and contests. The first of these contests will be for Toy Racer, the details of which will likely be pos...

18.04.16 10:20 AM - Comment(s)

Toy Racer High Scores on Dreamcast Live

By pcwzrd13

High scores for Toy Racer can now be viewed right on Dreamcast Live! These scores are updated in real-time from the server. Check it out here.

25.03.16 01:40 PM - Comment(s)

New Downloads Section

By pcwzrd13

I've added a downloads section to the site which aims to be a one-stop resource where you can grab all the programs and files needed to get your Dreamcast online. These files include the latest DreamPi image, Maximum Pool online VMU file, Sylverant patcher discs, burning software, and more. If ther...

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