By: pcwzrd13 | July 28, 2016

Video of the first every Next Tetris Game Night from July 27th, 2016.

By: pcwzrd13 | July 22, 2016

The man behind the ChuChu Rocket! server resurrection, Jonas Karlsson, is at it again! This time he's revived the servers for The Next Tetris: Online Edition! It's unknown when exactly the servers for the game went down but the game was released late in the Dreamcast's life, so the servers likely weren't up for very long. This makes it even more exciting since many people didn't get to play Next Tetris online back in the day. While the game was released on several other platforms, including PC, the online mode was exclusive to the Dreamcast version. To further this exclusivity, the online mode was limited to the North American version of the game only.

In addition to this exciting news, Starlancer is now running on Jonas' own server. This i...