Dreamcast Modding and Repair Services

Here you'll find the various modding and repair services offered by Dreamcast Live. To order, please email pcwzrd13@dreamcastlive.net.

Region-Free BIOS Chip Installation

Price: $49.99 (Includes return shipping within US)

Replace the stock BIOS chip with a region-free one. This will allow you to play games from any region without the need for a boot disc and adds some nice additional features. The chip comes flashed with a custom BIOS by japanese-cake (v1.031) which includes all the features listed below. Currently this service is only available for Dreamcast models VA1 and VA2. Customers outside the US must pay for return shipping.

  • Skip the 'Licensed by SEGA' screen for a slightly faster boot time
  • Boot backups from the Dreamcast menu without the Dreamcast restarting
  • Copy or move copy-protected VMU saves
  • Boot non-VGA compatible games without a boot disc
  • Optional: Dreamcast dev kit boot animation

Additional Services

All the services below can be performed in addition to the BIOS chip replacement. They are not available as stand-alone services.


Controller Port Repair

Price: $4.99

Fix non-working Dreamcast controller ports by installing a new fuse. The new fuse will automatically reset if blown. Simply power off the Dreamcast and turn it back on.

Other Misc. Repairs

Price: Varies

Something else wrong with your Dreamcast? Let me know what it is and I'll let you know if I can fix it and what it will cost.


Internal Battery Replacement

Price: $10.99

Replace the Dreamcast's internal battery and say goodbye to that annoying 'set date and time' prompt.