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Alien Front Online

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Developer: WOW Entertainment

Publisher: Sega

Connection: Modem

Max Players: 8

Server revived: November 6th, 2016

Hosted by:

Shuouma |


Multiplayer, Voice Chat, Leaderboards

The Triclops have invaded the Earth with a simple plan: the eradication of all human life! Become a tank commander and obliterate the alien invaders, or join the elite Triclops Guard and crush any human scum that stand in the way. Regardless of which side you choose, you'll possess enough weaponry to completely destroy your enemies. One team will decide the fate of the globe!

  • Real-time voice chat - coordinate your teammates and taunt your enemies.
  • Up to 4 vs. 4 network play! Chat with other gamers and form online teams.
  • Single player mode with training exercises, 60 unique missions, and branching story paths!
  • Take control of hard-hitting Army tanks or futuristic Alien technology.
  • Devastating power-ups include Hellfire Missiles, Nuclear Strikes, Meteor Showers, and more!