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Game Night Highlights: World Series Baseball 2K2 7/17/2019

By pcwzrd13

Video of the World Series Baseball 2K2 Game Night on July 17th, 2019.

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Sega Swirl Top Scores Back Online!

By pcwzrd13

Shuouma has only just started his vacation and we're already seeing new things being brought back online! He's started things off with something simple but still awesome nonetheless: the ability to submit high scores for Sega Swirl! Back in the day, these top scores would be emailed from within the ...

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July '19 Giveaway: Sega Marine Fishing (Update: Winner Chosen!)

By pcwzrd13

It's giveaway time yet again folks! This month you have a chance to win a copy of Sega Marine Fishing! Some of you may not be aware that Sega Marine Fishing had online features. While sadly it didn't have any 1v1 fishing battles, it did feature online competitions and "Fish Mail". The latt...

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Game Night Highlights: Planet Ring 7/3/2019

By pcwzrd13

Video of the Planet Ring Game Night on July 3rd, 2019. Some excellent games of Dream Dorobo!

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DreamPi 1.7 DLE Released!

By pcwzrd13

DreamPi 1.7 DLE (Dreamcast Live Edition) is now available! This is an updated version of 1.7 which includes a bug fix and the latest version of my Wi-Fi configuration utility. While unofficial, DLE images will be made available from time-to-time with minor fixes and improvements. See the full c...
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Game Night Highlights: Ooga Booga 6/19/2019

By pcwzrd13

Video of the Ooga Booga Game Night on June 19th, 2019.

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Poll: Game Night Time Change?

By pcwzrd13

Lately I've been thinking about the possibility of moving the time for Wednesday's Game Night back from 10:00PM EST to 9:00PM EST.  A few people have mentioned in the past that it's a bit too late for them to attend. I've been hesitant to change it though as it's still only 7:00PM for anyone on...

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June '19 Giveaway: Producer-Signed Quake III Arena (Update: Winner Chosen!)

By pcwzrd13

Boy do I have an extra special giveaway for you guys this month! At first glance it may seem like you're ordinary, everyday copy of Quake III Arena. But no! No I say! This is a one-of-a-kind copy of the game signed by Scott "Swirl" Hawkins himself, who is the game's producer and ...

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Game Night Highlights: Worms World Party 5/22/2019

By pcwzrd13

Video of the Worms World Party Game Night on May 22nd, 2019.

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May '19 Giveaway: Speed Devils Online (Update: Winner Chosen!)

By pcwzrd13

Everyone rejoice for giveaway time has arrived yet again! This month's giveaway features a copy of Speed Devils Online Racing! Speed Devils is one of, if not my favorite, racing game on the Dreamcast. It has an excellent variety of tracks, vehicles, customization options, and a unique betting system...

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