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Interview with Frantz Cournil, Toy Racer Project Manager

By pcwzrd13

When it comes to online games on the Dreamcast, Europe had a few exclusive titles; these games included Monaco Grand Prix Online, Planet Ring, and Toy Racer. Toy Racer is probably the most well-known of these due to the fact that it was a spin-off of one of the most loved titles on the Dreamcast, No...

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Interview with Kris Johnson, Founder of Beyond Games, Developer of the Cancelled Redline Arena

By pcwzrd13

The Dreamcast had a decent size library of online games released during its lifetime; around 78 games total across all regions. This may not sound all that impressive by today's standards considering just about every game released these days has some sort of online functionality, but considering thi...

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Interview with Scott Hawkins, Quake III Arena Producer & Creator of Sega Swirl

By pcwzrd13

Quake III Arena was and remains to this day one of the most popular online Dreamcast games. It's no surprise considering the massive following the Quake franchise has had since its debut. Naturally getting the latest game in the series ported to Dreamcast would be a big system seller for Sega's late...

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Interview with Planet Ring Programmer, Elton Bird

By pcwzrd13

Planet Ring is one of the most unique and interesting games on the Dreamcast. Described as a "Online Theme Park", Planet Ring was a collection of mini-games known as attractions that could be played online with players all throughout Europe. An online console game in 2000 was unique enough...

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Interview with Shuouma, Conjurer of Dreamcast Servers

By pcwzrd13

The amount of games that can be played online on our precious Dreamcasts has increased significantly over the last few years. This is due in large part to a man known as Jonas Karlsson, better known as Shuouma around most parts of the internet. Some may call him a magician but I think that may be se...

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Interview with Ooga Booga's Producer, John Race

By pcwzrd13

Visual Concepts is probably most well known for the Dreamcast's excellent 2K sports series but towards the end of the Dreamcast's lifespan, they went off in an entirely new, non-sports-related direction. Floigan Bros. and Ooga Booga were released in late 2001 and slipped under the radar for a lot of...

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Interview with Josh Adams, Co-Founder of Secret Level

By pcwzrd13

When talking about the best first-person shooters on the Dreamcast, one that's guaranteed to come up is Unreal Tournament. While more well-known for the PC version, the Dreamcast port was very well received, scoring a 9.4/10 from both GameSpot and IGN, with IGN even giving it the Editor's Choice awa...

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Interview with DreamPi Creator, Luke Benstead

By pcwzrd13

It's about time I got around to interviewing this guy! Luke Benstead a.k.a "Kazade" has become somewhat of a household name in the Dreamcast online community. He's the inventor of the fabulous DreamPi software which enables gamers to play online Dreamcast games much easier than with older,...

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Interview with Petter3k of DCSERV

By pcwzrd13

You might say the Dreamcast online scene has gotten a big boost recently, not only thanks to Kazade and his amazing DreamPi software but also thanks to a man whose mission is to bring online Dreamcast games back to life. As many of you know, Petter Krossbakken, a.k.a. petter3k, is the guy behind th...

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