Dreamcast Live

Alien Front Online Resurrected!

By pcwzrd13

Many of you have eagerly been awaiting this moment for over a year now and the highly anticipated moment has finally arrived! Ladies and gentlemen, Alien Front Online is back online! Petter3k was hoping to have the game back online sooner but due to being busy with non-AFO related real-life work, he...

06.11.16 12:51 PM - Comment(s)

Interview with Petter3k of DCSERV

By pcwzrd13

You might say the Dreamcast online scene has gotten a big boost recently, not only thanks to Kazade and his amazing DreamPi software but also thanks to a man whose mission is to bring online Dreamcast games back to life. As many of you know, Petter Krossbakken, a.k.a. petter3k, is the guy behind th...

28.05.16 07:15 PM - Comment(s)