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Dreamcast Now Surpasses 2,000 Players!

By pcwzrd13

This is a historic day my friends! The number of DreamPi users is now over 2,000 (2,051 to be exact) according to Dreamcast Now! Sure, that number includes some duplicates due to separate Wi-Fi / Ethernet profiles and most likely some old profiles left over from when users have upgraded to newer Pi ...

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DreamPi 1.7 DLE Released!

By pcwzrd13

DreamPi 1.7 DLE (Dreamcast Live Edition) is now available! This is an updated version of 1.7 which includes a bug fix and the latest version of my Wi-Fi configuration utility. While unofficial, DLE images will be made available from time-to-time with minor fixes and improvements. See the full c...
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DreamPi v1.7 Now Available

By pcwzrd13

Kazade has released version 1.7 of the DreamPi software which includes several fixes, improvements, and updates. This release adds support for the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the recently released 3 B+. Additionally, 1.7 includes support for the upcoming NFL 2K and NBA 2K series (No they're not online y...

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All New DreamPi Kit and Death of the Line Voltage Inducer

By pcwzrd13

Connecting your Dreamcast to the internet just got a whole lot more elegant and stylish! Today I'm introducing a brand new product to the Dreamcast Live Shop: the Dreamcast Live USB Modem!

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Debunking Common Myths About Playing Dreamcast Online

By pcwzrd13

When it comes to getting your Dreamcast online (and playing games online), there are a lot of common myths and misinformation out there. Much of this misinformation originated in old, outdated forum posts and may not apply today. In addition, certain information may only apply to certain connection ...

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June '17 Giveaway: Custom DreamPi Case! (Update: Winner Chosen!)

By pcwzrd13

Do you like free stuff? Do you like things that you don't have to pay for? Do you like receiving things for no charge whatsoever? If you've answered yes to any of those redundant questions then you've come to the right place! Recently I acquired a fantastic piece of modern technology called a "...

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Dreamcast Now 2.0 Goes Live!

By pcwzrd13

Kazade has given Dreamcast Now a complete makeover (designed by yours truly)! The new version features screenshot backgrounds that show the current / last game played, cover art for recently played games, and red/green highlighted avatars to indicate online status. In addition, the site now hides p...

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New Troubleshooting Page

By pcwzrd13

Having trouble getting your Dreamcast online? Can't connect or getting errors with a certain game? Check out the new Troubleshooting page! This new page covers many of the most common issues people have. The troubleshooting is targeted mostly towards DreamPi users but some of it applies to other co...

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DreamPi v1.6 Now Available

By pcwzrd13

Kazade has released version 1.6 of his DreamPi software. The biggest addition to this release is the incorporation of software developed by Shuouma which will fix the GameSpy-based games (Starlancer, The Next Tetris, and PBA Bowling) for some users. This release will also fix some bugs for anyone us...

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DreamPi v1.5 Now Available

By pcwzrd13

Kazade has released version 1.5 of his DreamPi software. This update includes support for auto-connecting to Alien Front Online, VOIP support for Planet Ring & AFO  (thanks to Shuouma for that!), and some various bug fixes. You can grab this new release from the Downloads section.

Here's the com...

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