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DreamPi Wi-Fi Configuration Video Tutorial

By pcwzrd13

In this video I walk you through configuring a USB Wi-Fi dongle for use with DreamPi. In order to do this, you'll need a USB keyboard, HDMI cable, and a USB Wi-Fi dongle. The USB Wi-Fi adapter must be natively Linux compatible or you'll have to install drivers. There are many Wi-Fi adapters that wil...

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PAL Version of Quake III Arena Now Online!

By pcwzrd13

You may recall a post from earlier this year announcing that Toy Racer was now able to be played online via dial-up thanks to Luke Benstead and Jonas Karlsson who successfully reverse engineered the Dreamarena authentication software. Now in addition to Toy Racer, support for the PAL version of Qua...

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Interview with DreamPi Creator, Luke Benstead

By pcwzrd13

It's about time I got around to interviewing this guy! Luke Benstead a.k.a "Kazade" has become somewhat of a household name in the Dreamcast online community. He's the inventor of the fabulous DreamPi software which enables gamers to play online Dreamcast games much easier than with older,...

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Dreamcast Live Shop Now Open: Line Voltage Inducers for Sale!

By pcwzrd13

The Dreamcast Live Shop is now open for business! I created this new section of the site mainly to sell line voltage inducers that I've built but more stuff may be added in the future. The line voltage inducer seems to be the main obstacle that turns people off from getting online with DreamPi and ...

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DreamPi v1.4 Now Available

By pcwzrd13

Luke has just released DreamPi version 1.4. This update fixes a bug which prevented DreamPi from working properly on the Raspberry Pi 3 and also includes a few other improvements like more reliable IP address allocation. You can grab the latest image from the Downloads section.

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The Future of Dreamcast Online?

By pcwzrd13

Some really awesome things have been happening in the world of Dreamcast online lately, including the development of the amazing DreamPi software and Dreamcast Now service from Kazade. This got me thinking of future possibilities. Could the Dreamcast have all the online features that current generat...

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DreamPi Video Tutorial

By pcwzrd13

The DreamPi video tutorial is here! I've created this video to make it as simple as possible to get your Dreamcast online using the best method available to-date. Below is a description of what DreamPi is, a list of the parts you'll need, and the video tutorial itself. I hope this proves helpful! If...

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Welcome to Dreamcast Live!

By pcwzrd13

Greetings everyone and welcome to the brand new Dreamcast Live! I started the site in 2011 as a competitions website with the goal of allowing Dreamcast fans around the world to play Dreamcast together without having to go through the hassle of setting up a complicated PC-DC server or buying an expe...

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