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NFL 2K2 & NCAA 2K2 Leaderboards Now Up!

By pcwzrd13

The rankings for NFL 2K2 and NCAA 2K2 are now up on Dreamcast Live! Check them out at the links below!

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The Sega Dreamcast: Online Gaming Pioneer

By pcwzrd13

When it comes to the Dreamcast's online capabilities, I don't think a lot of people give it as much credit as it's due. The ability to play games online wasn't just an afterthought, it was part of the Dreamcast's DNA. In fact, the "cast" in Dreamcast is short for "broadcast" and ...

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New Leaderboard: World Series Baseball 2K2

By pcwzrd13

The rankings for World Series Baseball 2K2 are now viewable on the site! Check them out here and see if you made the top 10!

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Leaderboards for POD and Monaco Now on DC Live!

By pcwzrd13

The leaderboards for POD SpeedZone and Monaco Grand Prix Online are now viewable on the site! Check them out at the links below and see if you made the cut!

POD SpeedZone LeaderboardMonaco Online Leaderboard

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New Leaderboards: Alien Front Online & Next Tetris

By pcwzrd13

Rankings for The Next Tetris: Online Edition and Alien Front Online have been added to the site! A big shout-out and thank you to Shuouma for hosting the ranking data so that it could be embedded here. See how you stack up against the competition by selecting the game under the "Leaderboards...

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Sonic Adventure's World Rankings Restored!

By pcwzrd13

Sonic Adventure's online functionality has been restored thanks to the efforts of Jial, S4pph4rad, and Dan (DR TEAMCAST) of Assembler Games and Dreamcast-Talk.While the game lacked any sort of online multiplayer features, it did have the World Rankings which could be accessed through the in-game I...

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