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Sega Swirl Is Back Online! ... Sort of.

By pcwzrd13

Shuouma has worked his voodoo magic once again! Although this time he hasn't really brought a game back online, because technically it was never "offline" to begin with, but Sega Swirl is now playable online without having to resort to a lot of technical hackery. For those of you who are u...

09.03.18 11:32 AM - Comment(s)

Interview with Scott Hawkins, Quake III Arena Producer & Creator of Sega Swirl

By pcwzrd13

Quake III Arena was and remains to this day one of the most popular online Dreamcast games. It's no surprise considering the massive following the Quake franchise has had since its debut. Naturally getting the latest game in the series ported to Dreamcast would be a big system seller for Sega's late...

16.11.17 11:25 AM - Comment(s)