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Sonic Adventure Website Now 100% Restored

By pcwzrd13

Sonic fans rejoice! Jial and Dan of DreamPipe have fully restored all the original features of the Sonic Adventure website! The last couple years have seen the revival of the World Rankings as well as the Chao Daycare but now the website is completely restored to its original condition so you can...

05.04.18 05:27 PM - Comment(s)

Sonic Adventure's Chao Daycare Restored!

By pcwzrd13

Sonic Adventure's Chao Daycare has been revived thanks to the efforts of Jial and Tyro of Dreamcast-Talk and Assembler Games who successfully reverse-engineered the feature over the last few months. The Chao Daycare allows players to share their digital pets with other players around the world. Wi...

31.01.17 11:13 AM - Comment(s)

Sonic Adventure's World Rankings Restored!

By pcwzrd13

Sonic Adventure's online functionality has been restored thanks to the efforts of Jial, S4pph4rad, and Dan (DR TEAMCAST) of Assembler Games and Dreamcast-Talk.While the game lacked any sort of online multiplayer features, it did have the World Rankings which could be accessed through the in-game I...

08.08.16 09:26 AM - Comment(s)