Dreamcast Live

POD SpeedZone

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Connection: Modem, Broadband

Max Players: 4

Server revived: October 13th, 2017

Hosted by:

Shuouma |


Multiplayer, Text Chat, Leaderboards

Slip onto SegaNet and blast into POD SpeedZone, the fastest arcade racer for your Sega Dreamcast online. Pilot 8 futuristic cars across 6 surreal, mercilessly interactive tracks. Hone your maneuvers and master the weapons offline - then prove your racing chops in the POD online circuit. Get fast - before the SpeedZone leaves you in the dust.

  • Online multiplay: Join or create 4-player races on SegaNet.
  • Ruthless Tracks: Rush through multi-layered courses loaded with cunning traps.
  • Power-Up Frenzy: Level opponents with arcade-style weapons and boosts.
  • Bonus Race Modes: Ghost and Thriller, where the last man dies and YOU start last.