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Developer: Digital Anvil

Publisher: Crave Entertainment

Connection: Modem

Max Players: 6

Server revived: April 27th, 2015

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Shuouma |


Multiplayer, Text Chat

From Erin and Chris Roberts, the award winning designers of Wing Commander comes a game beyond the reaches of your imagination. Battle for control of the galaxy as a member of the elite 45th Squadron or take on your friends in epic, multi-player deathmatch battles. With every hour, the Coalition grows stronger, and the fall of the Alliance is at hand. Fight for freedom! The 45th Wants You!

  • Choose from more than a dozen ships and over twenty devastating weapons.
  • The Starlancer 3-D engine provides unparalleled fluidity of gameplay.
  • Online gaming for up to six players.
  • Dynamic missions influence the central storyline.