Dreamcast Live

The Next Tetris: Online Edition

Developer: Blue Planet Software

Publisher: Crave Entertainment

Connection: Modem

Max Players: 2

Server revived: July 22nd, 2016

Hosted by:

Shuouma |



One of the most popular videogames on Earth, Tetris is the deceptively simple, incredibly addictive and universally loved.

Now, Tetris madness comes to the Sega Dreamcast. This edition of the classic game delivers an advanced graphics makeover, new features and worldwide internet play!

Often imitated, never equaled, Tetris is a part of out popular culture. It has influenced and shaped the minds of the digital generation. It's time to take the game to the next level!

  • Features both classic and advanced Tetris games.
  • Totally internet ready, with global scoreboards, game matching and tournament play.
  • With Puzzle, Marathon and Practice modes, this Tetris has it all!