Dreamcast Live

4x4 Evolution Custom Tracks

Here you'll find a directory of custom 4x4 Evolution tracks available for download. You can download any of these tracks from within the game by navigating to the "File" tab (press X to cycle through the tabs at the top of the game page) and selecting "Download track from specific web address". When asked for the address, type in dc.dreamcastlive.net/4x4evo/ followed by the name of the track file. For example, if you want to download the airforce.lte track, type in dc.dreamcastlive.net/4x4evo/airforce.lte

This page is a work in progress. Tracks will be added over time as I test each one.

007, GameSpy

File Name: 007spy.lte


Medium length track with a bridge jump that only 007 himself could make.

Air Force

File Name: airforce.lte


Short track with an air force base theme.

Brush Creek

File Name: brushcreek.lte


Medium length track with a bayou swamp aesthetic.


File Name: goblin.lte


Long Supercross-style track with lots of jumps and shortcuts.

Old Castle

File Name: oldcastle.lte


Very short track with bumpy terrain and a bridge.

Ahoy There!

File Name: ahoythere.lte


Long track with a tropical theme and lots of rough terrain.


File Name: amazing.lte


Very long track with some huge jumps. This is the track you want to play if you're looking to get sick airtime!

Construction Zone After Dark

File Name: afterdark.lte


Basic medium length track with a construction theme. Nothing too flashy.


File Name: getoffmyiceberg.lte


King of the Hill map where you must stay on top of the iceberg for longer than the other players.