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Ooga Booga Is Back Online!

By - pcwzrd13
26.01.18 10:00 AM

Today is a momentous occasion and one I've been waiting for for a long time now! Wait for it.... Ooga Booga has been brought back online thanks to the one and only Shuouma! Speaking as someone who is probably the world's #1 Ooga Booga fan (I even have what is likely the only signed copy of the game by the original development team), this makes me extremely happy. Even though the game is fully playable offline, it's still amazing to be able to play it with Dreamcast fans across the globe. The frantic, boar-riding, shrunken-head-throwing, spell-casting, ridiculousness that is Ooga Booga is a treat to play online and can be absolute mayhem with 4 players. If your Dreamcast is online (as it should be), this is an absolute must-play game. Although if you happen to be one of those unhip kids that still only plays Dreamcast offline, fear not, you can still watch the gameplay footage to see what you're missing.

Once again I need to give huge props to Shuouma for yet another amazing online game revival. This brings the total number of online games up to 15. This milestone means that there are now more games online than offline, excluding any Japanese exclusives. It seems as though we're well on our way to having every online multiplayer game revived. That would be a joyous day indeed!

Please keep in mind that this server is still a work-in-progess so you may encounter some bugs. Feel free to report any issues in the Dreamcast-Talk thread here.

If you'd like to join in on the tropical mayhem, be sure to check out the Connection Guide for all the info you need on how to connect.

Update: The leaderboard is now online!