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World Series Baseball 2K2 Is Back Online!

By - pcwzrd13
01.03.18 01:02 PM

A mere month after the revival of Ooga Booga, another online multiplayer game has been brought back to life thanks to Shuouma! This time it’s World Series Baseball 2K2. If you’re a fan of "America's Favorite Pastime", this is definitely one you’re going to want to try out. The game plays great online, although there is a delay when it comes to batting but you’ll adjust to it fairly quickly. Overall it’s a really fun experience and should really please sports fans. Shu and I played an epic first game on the new server. I didn't include the entire game in the announcement video but if you wish to watch the entire hour-long game, check out the video below. Without spoiling anything, there were some really exciting moments and a great last minute comeback. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’re a baseball fan.

This might be a good time to clear up a rumor that’s been going around about Shu. Despite what you may hear, Jonas is a real person and not a supercomputer built by a highly advanced alien race from beyond our galaxy. Don’t believe what you hear. It’s fake news people!

As usual, if you want to give this game a try online, be sure to check out the Connection Guide for all the info you need.

The entire 48-minute game. First in 15 years!