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Samba de Amigo Website & Rankings Restored!

By - pcwzrd13
17.04.19 04:59 PM

Jial is back at it again with another Dreamcast website brought back from the grave! The Samba de Amigo website has now been fully restored. The site features pages for hints, DLC downloads, general game info, and of course the World Rankings. If you've been itching to test your sense of rhythm with players all around the world, here's your chance!

Prove to the world that you got the rhythm!
Suck at the game? No problem! Snag some juicy hints from the website!
Download some sick tunes!

If you'd like to check out the website, just start up the game and select the "Internet" option from the main menu. DreamPi users will automatically be redirected to the new website but if you're using another dial-up connection method, you'll need to make sure your DNS is set to To upload a high score, you'll need to log in using a SegaNet account. If you don't have one already, you can sign up here.

Upon closing, I want to of course give another big thanks to Jial for all his hard work! Keep it up man!