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Top 5 Online Dreamcast Games (2018 Edition)

By pcwzrd13

This past year has been another great one for the Dreamcast online community. Not only do we have more and more players every day connecting their Dreamcasts to the internet but we've also had an increase in the number of games we can play online thanks to Shuouma. We now have a total of 14 games th...

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Poll: Your Favorite Online Dreamcast Game (2018 Edition)

By pcwzrd13

It's that most wonderful time of the year again! No, I'm not talking about the holiday season (although that's cool too). It's time to vote for your favorite online Dreamcast game so I can compile this year's top 5 list with accompanying article and video! Exciting right?! With a couple new addition...

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Top 5 Online Dreamcast Games (2017 Edition)

By pcwzrd13

This last year has seen the online Dreamcast scene explode in popularity due in no small part to Luke Benstead's DreamPi and the many games that have been brought back online thanks to the efforts of Shuouma and Petter3k. Thanks to these amazing members of the community, we know have a total of 12 g...

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