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Developer: Visual Concepts

Publisher: Sega

Connection: Modem

Max Players: 8

Server revived: July 27th, 2018

Hosted by:

Shuouma |


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Prepare to post MVP numbers as you light it up with Rim-Rattling dunks then lock 'em down with Smothering D. Elevate your game!

  • RUN THE FLOOR with new moves and animations including dunks, crossovers, jumpshots and steals straight out of an NBA highlight reel.
  • HEADS UP DEFENDERS exploit the new steal system, filling the passing lanes to snag the ball.
  • A REVAMPED LOW-POST GAME puts you in full control. You can explode to the hoop, back down the defender, or bury a sweet fadeaway J.
  • IMPROVED ONLINE MODE saves user profiles and tracks performance stats and records.
  • HOOK IT UP at legendary urban playground courts including New York's Rucker Park and The Cage, and Oakland's Mosswood Park.