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To place an order, please email pcwzrd13@dreamcastlive.net with the details of your order and your location in order to calculate the total.

Shipping Prices

Cables / Modems: US: Free | Canada: $9 | International: $13

DreamPi Kits: US: Free | Canada: $15 | International: $22

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Notice: Due to the current Coronavirus situation, I'm currently having a hard time acquiring the needed parts for the modems and kits. I'm trying to keep them in stock as much as possible but they will be fairly limited for the time being. Please do not email about stock inquiries. Just keep checking this page and email when the out of stock notice is removed. Thank you!

Line Voltage Inducers & Modems

Line voltage inducers and modems for use with DreamPi.

Dreamcast Live USB Modem

Price: $31.99

USB modem with integrated line voltage inducer. Works with NTSC Dreamcast modems. Get $10 off if you trade in a Dell or Lenovo USB modem.

PAL USB Line Voltage Inducer

Price: $16.99

Line voltage inducer for PAL Dreamcast modems. Powered via the Pi's USB port.


DreamPi Kits

These plug-and-play kits include everything you need to get your Dreamcast online. The following is included: Raspberry Pi, Case, AC Adapter, SD Card w/ DreamPi, phone cable, and Dreamcast Live USB Modem (a standard USB modem and USB-powered line voltage inducer will be included for PAL users). A 6' Ethernet cable is included with the standard DreamPi kit but optional with the Pi 3 kit since it has Wi-Fi. 

Standard DreamPi Kit

Price: $79.99

This kit includes an original Raspberry Pi model B or B+.

Actual kit may look different than pictured.


Raspberry Pi 3 DreamPi Kit

Price: $99.99

This kit includes the Raspberry Pi 3 which has a faster CPU, more RAM, and has built-in Wi-Fi.

Actual kit may look different than pictured.


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Dreamcast Live T-Shirt

Price: $18.99

Support the site by purchasing an official Dreamcast Live t-shirt.

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VMU Holder

Price: $11.99

3D Printed VMU holder with embossed VMU on front. Holds up to 10 VMUs / memory cards. Available in black or white.