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Dreamcast Now November '18 Update

By pcwzrd13

Kazade has pushed out a slight update to the Dreamcast Now website. The highlight feature here is the addition of auto-updating which means you no longer need to refresh the page in order to see who's online! In addition, in order to decrease page load times, only players that are currently online a...

04.11.18 04:14 PM - Comment(s)

DreamPi v1.7 Now Available

By pcwzrd13

Kazade has released version 1.7 of the DreamPi software which includes several fixes, improvements, and updates. This release adds support for the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the recently released 3 B+. Additionally, 1.7 includes support for the upcoming NFL 2K and NBA 2K series (No they're not online y...

17.07.18 05:02 PM - Comment(s)

Dreamcast Now Updated: New Features and Fixes!

By pcwzrd13

Dreamcast Now is one of the best features of DreamPi, bringing Dreamcast all the modern features you'd expect from services such as PSN and Xbox Live buddy lists. The Dreamcast Now experience is now (no pun intended) getting even better! Kazade has recently added some new features and improvements....

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Dreamcast Now 2.0 Goes Live!

By pcwzrd13

Kazade has given Dreamcast Now a complete makeover (designed by yours truly)! The new version features screenshot backgrounds that show the current / last game played, cover art for recently played games, and red/green highlighted avatars to indicate online status. In addition, the site now hides p...

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PAL Version of Quake III Arena Now Online!

By pcwzrd13

You may recall a post from earlier this year announcing that Toy Racer was now able to be played online via dial-up thanks to Luke Benstead and Jonas Karlsson who successfully reverse engineered the Dreamarena authentication software. Now in addition to Toy Racer, support for the PAL version of Qua...

09.09.16 06:14 PM - Comment(s)

Interview with DreamPi Creator, Luke Benstead

By pcwzrd13

It's about time I got around to interviewing this guy! Luke Benstead a.k.a "Kazade" has become somewhat of a household name in the Dreamcast online community. He's the inventor of the fabulous DreamPi software which enables gamers to play online Dreamcast games much easier than with older,...

29.08.16 05:52 PM - Comment(s)